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Explore the Finest Antique Persian Rugs

Ancient works of art are often given special attention. Antique and vintage rugs are the perfect example of that. But what exactly sets these two types apart? Antique rugs have existed for centuries—at least 75-100 years! Vintage items may be a bit younger but still hold high value. However, they must date back 30-50 years before being considered authentic “vintage”.

What Makes Antique Persian Rugs Special?

Fashion has long been a means to express one’s style, however, it goes beyond clothing and wearables. Home décor allows you to create a truly unique space in which you can express your creative side. Antique rugs offer an effortless way to add character and charm to any space through ‘lived-on’ art pieces.

An antique rug is more than just a decoration and masterpiece – it’s an enduring artwork that can be passed down through generations. Investing in one now promises quality and value, lasting throughout time.

Acquire a timeless treasure with one of our ethically-sourced antique rugs! Not only will you instantly enhance your home décor, but you will also provide lasting value to future generations. These unique art pieces are proven investments that never go out of style—ensuring they remain valuable throughout the years ahead.

We have over 5,000 rugs in stock; the listings on this site represent a small selection of our extensive range. Please visit us in store to explore our collections.