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Enhance Your Home’s Elegance with Kelim & Soumak Rugs

Introducing our newest addition to luxury home decor: the breathtaking Kelim and Soumaks collection. Painstakingly crafted over numerous years of development, these handmade rugs boast traditional Suzani, Kazak, and Persian design collections, all rendered in stunning detail with the finest 100% high-quality materials.

What Makes Kelim and Soumak Rugs Special?

Discover the beauty and lasting quality of Soumak rugs, the artisanal flat-weave style revered for its strength and durability. With a unique construction method that creates a plush, sturdy finish, Soumak rugs are renowned for withstanding even the heaviest foot traffic. Unlike the kilim carpet, these rugs feature a non-reversible back, leaving clipped and unclipped yarns for added reinforcement. A Soumak rug invests in exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting beauty.

The History of Kelim and Soumak Rugs

Did you know the beautiful Soumak rugs woven by Persian tribal rug weavers, such as the Afshar, Kurd, and Qashqai rug artisan regions, are created using a unique technique? These skilled weavers first form the foundation with the warp and weft and then use the wrapping weft to create stunning designs. The loose wool ends on the back of the rug make a one-sided piece of truly one-of-a-kind art. Interestingly, the Shahsavan weavers do things differently and do not use a separate foundation weft. The result? Gorgeous, one-sided Soumak rugs that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Kilim rugs, originating from the Persian word “gelim,” meaning “to spread roughly,” have a rich history dating back to 7000 B.C.E. Excavations from Çatalhöyük provide evidence of them from that time. Even Marco Polo raved about the beauty of kilim weaving during his travels in the 13th century. These fascinating pieces are more than just rugs. They are a testament to the art of weaving and the region’s rich history.

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