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Improve Your Life by Adding a Masterpiece

In carpet design, “masterpiece” refers to Persian rugs with refined, exquisite designs that adhere to classical standards. These rugs are also expertly woven and made of exceptional wool and colour. Typically, they are created in the workshop of an acknowledged master whose signature can be found on the carpet itself.

Typically, superior-quality handmade rugs are made from a blend of wool and silk or pure silk. The craftsmanship in our masterpiece rugs is more intricate than typical city or tribal rugs.

To distinguish a masterpiece rug from others, check the back of the rug. The pattern is usually visible from the back. Masterpiece rugs come from cities such as Qum, known for pure silk rugs, Isfahan, Nain and Tabriz.

What Makes Masterpieces Special?

Have you ever wondered what qualifies as a masterpiece in art and antiques? The term is commonly associated with works created by the most talented and widely recognised artists of their time. These works represent the highest level of creativity, quality, and innovation.

We have collected many antique rugs, but we also have a separate collection of masterpieces recognised as historical creations. These pieces are exceptional and stand apart due to their unique value and quality. We invite you to view this distinguished collection on our website and experience the beauty and value only time and refined taste can provide.

This collection features a variety of rugs, including exceptional examples of rugs from various weaving centres, including regional styles like Arak (Sultanabad), Kerman, Kashan, Isfahan, Mashhad, Heriz and Tabriz.

Rare Designs and Themes

Experts agree that rugs’ beauty comes from using all-natural dyes, just like vegetable dye rugs, initially before synthetic and chemical dyes became popular. The natural dyes and handspun wool give the carpets a unique charm and romantic feel that modern commercially-made rugs lack.

Many people worldwide collect beautiful works of art because they have seen and appreciated the value of a true masterpiece.

Looking for high-end rugs to enhance the decor of your home or office? Check out Bijan’s diverse range of rugs. These rugs have a vintage and traditional aesthetic that adds cultural charm to your space and gives your style an international flair.

We have over 5,000 rugs in stock; the listings on this site represent a small selection of our extensive range. Please visit us in store to explore our collections.