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Designers and homeowners often prefer using larger floor rugs to cover larger interior spaces rather than multiple smaller ones. Our collection of affordable oversized rugs features a variety of designs, such as traditional tribal, antique and modern floral patterns. This includes oversized Persian rugs as well as oversized Oriental rugs. Given the trend of large lounge rooms and open-plan living areas in modern homes, it is smart to consider using oversized rugs to unify these spaces.

What Makes It Special?

Using an oversized rug in an ample space can help maintain design consistency and reduce echo by providing a framework for displaying art or elegant furniture. The rug can also gather warmth from the fireplace to keep the room cosy.

To define a separate space within a room, you can use a big oversized rug and place furniture around its borders for shelving, tables, or decoration. Additionally, you can position an oversized rug at the side of a room to unify any awkward, extra spaces with the overall design. This way, oversized rugs can serve as a unifying element to ensure no corner of the room is left disconnected.


In the history of our traditional area rugs, early rugs were often made of fabric scraps. These scraps were often braided into large oval or round rugs.

Oversized rugs evolved from solely functional to fashionable items, enhancing their quality through mass production. As tufted carpets gained more popularity, the use of oversized rugs as decorative pieces decreased.

Since these rugs were crafted by hand for many years, they were expensive and not accessible to everyone. However, advancements in manufacturing have made it possible to produce rugs with similar designs and colours to traditional Persian rugs, resulting in the continued popularity of these oversized rugs. Contemporary designers have started creating oversized rugs with bold patterns using limited colours. Choosing an oversized modern rug has become uncomplicated due to these options.

Bijan Exclusive Rugs has been a reputable supplier of beautiful large rugs in Sydney for over 25 years. Our diverse and enchanting collection makes it simple to discover the ideal rug.

Visit us today, and let us help you choose the perfect rug to turn your space into a masterpiece. With a Bijan Exclusive Rug, you can truly enhance your décor with its unmatched beauty.

We have over 5,000 rugs in stock; the listings on this site represent a small selection of our extensive range. Please visit us in store to explore our collections.