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COVID-19 home cleaning: Get your rugs cleaned now

For most of us, this is a time when we’re all reacquainting ourselves with the interior of our homes. Nothing like a little social distancing to remind us of all the house projects we’ve been putting off.

Of course, the spread of COVID-19 has us all wondering which items at home need cleaning – and how.

When it comes to Persian or Oriental rugs, it’s actually a very good time to consider getting them professionally cleaned. Not only is this the ideal season normally, it’s also the best way to help ensure you’re doing everything you can to limit your exposure to this pernicious pathogen.

While scientists are still collecting and trying to understand the available data, most early indications seem to suggest that surfaces sufficiently cleaned with ordinary detergents, a bit of heat and also UV sunlight, should be virus free.

So, how will a professional rug wash help?

The process is quite simple and effective.

Using a combination of traditional methods and modern detergents, the procedure includes dust removal and three cycles of washing and drying – some of which is done in direct sunlight.

The use of detergents and UV exposure should be more than enough to eliminate most, if not all, pathogens.

“Direct drying in the sun, if done carefully, can help revive some colours”

It will also extend the life of your rug and keep it looking like the original piece of art that you fell in love with.

Here’s the process:
1. Inspection
Carefully inspected for wear, any stains, structural integrity and UV damage.

2. Dust Removal
Thorough dusting is a critical step in rug cleaning. The professionals will use a commercial-grade vacuum, placement on a vibrating machine and manual dusting with a length of hose. In some cases, it can be soaked in water to dissolve any remaining dirt.

3. Spot Treatment
Any spots or stains will be treated, using cleaning products that are made explicitly for Oriental and Persian rugs.

4. Washing and Rinsing
The rug is soaked with water and cleaning solution – and hand-brushed into the fibres of the rug, before a thorough rinse with water.

5. Extraction
Commercial suction machines or a centrifuge will extract most remaining moisture.

6. Drying
We use a traditional Persian technique to dry the rugs on a flat surface in the sun. Direct drying in the sun, if done carefully, can help revive some colours – and is practical, environmentally sustainable, way to complete the process.

7. Final Inspection
The rug will be closely inspected to make sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and is stain-free. After any loose strands of high-pile are carefully clipped, the rug pile and fringes are combed and trimmed. Silk rugs are usually ironed as well.

Bijan knows Oriental and Persian Rugs

We understand the importance of maintaining these fine additions to your home. We’re experienced and knowledgeable in the cleaning and restoration of Persian and Oriental rugs, and will present a cleaning plan to make sure every step is taken to produce results.

“To help our community, we’re offering 25% off rug care and maintenance
throughout May and June.​”

Cleaning oriental rugs is an intensive process that takes time and specialised care. It’s not something that should be a DIY project – especially in these uncertain times. To help our community, we’re offering 25% off rug cleaning and repair throughout May and June.

Contact us today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning to keep your rugs beautiful and lasting for decades!

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