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Antique Persian Dorakhsh Rug

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Dimensions 286 × 188 cm


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Country of origin: Iran (Persia)
Province: Khorasan
Town: Dorakhsh
Design: Mahi or Fish Pattern
Rug Age: 85 to 95 years

South Khorasan is famed for its exquisite rugs and carpets woven in various villages of the eastern Iranian province according to know-now inherited from generation to generation.

South Khorasan was a bustling hub for carpet weaning during the Timurid era (1370–1507). The Timurid dynasty also governed the city of Herat that was quite famous for its floral carpets.

The motifs and designs of Herat carpets gradually grew smaller and regular and turned into their design of today, which are still considered popular and interesting designs of South Khorasan carpets. Dorakhsh is one of the famous centres of rug weaving in Khorasan Province.

The most common motifs of South Khorasan carpets are: “Rizeh Mahi”,  or small fishes, also known as “Mahi” or “Mahi e Dar Ham” in other cities. Their difference is that a diamond accompanies the flowers in the Khorasan carpets.

Iran’s hand-woven carpets are sought after internationally for their delicate designs and good quality.

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