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Super Fine Persian Nain Rug (SOLD)

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Dimensions 421 × 320 cm




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Semi antique Hand knotted wool and silk inlaid nain , silk foundation , extreme high density and sharp contrast, magnificent workmanship, signed piece by master weaver.
Persian super Fine Nain rug with exceptional size of 421 X 320 cm, pile is made of baby lamb wool (in Persian called Kourk) with silk in laid, foundation is 100% silk (unlike most Nain rugs that their foundation is cotton). Design is a very attractive “Centre Medallion”. There are 3 Medallions within each other. The first Medallion is circular with 2 extensions at each end. The second Medallion is in a shape of an oval with navy, cream with the outer edge in soft blue. These 2 Medallions are in the middle of the large oval shape Medallion which is surrounded by flowers. The border is consist of 5 different borders with different designs and width.

What makes Nain Rugs special
Nain rugs, originating from the central Iranian town of Nain, are celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and distinct elegance. What sets these rugs apart is their intricate designs and high knot density, often exceeding several hundred knots per square inch, resulting in a remarkably detailed and precise pattern. Traditionally, Nain rugs feature a striking contrast of deep blues and ivory hues, often accented with touches of silk that add a subtle sheen and luxurious feel. The designs are predominantly floral and medallion motifs, exuding a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. The combination of their fine materials, including high-quality wool and silk, along with their artistic and complex designs, makes Nain rugs not just decorative pieces but true works of art, highly prized by collectors and interior designers worldwide.

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