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RUG WASHING & Cleaning Services

Bijan Exclusive Rugs provides a wide range of rug washing and cleaning services from a simple spot clean to washing the entire rug.

We wash rugs made of any material, wool, wool and silk mix to pure silk, and always done by hand by our expert restoration and washing team.

Our services include:

– Rug Cleaning
– Fixing Rug Colour Run (Colour Removal)
– Spot Stain Removal
– Pet Stain Removal
– Wine Stain Removal
– Rug Fringe Repair
– Rug Overlocking
– Reweaving Rug
– Repairing Rug Moth Damage
– Resizing Rugs

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

The cleaning and care of handmade Persian, Turkish, Afghan, knotted, pure silk, wool and silk-in-laid rugs, require hand-washing so that the delicate fibres and colours are not compromised.

The turnaround time for hand-washing rugs is usually 2-3 weeks depending on weather conditions.

The process to wash your handmade rug involves the following steps;

  1. Inspecting the rug to discuss any concerns you may have before commencing with the process to ensure that your expectations are met.
  2. Beating the rug over the automatic shaker to get rid of the dirt, debris and sand particles.
  3. Using compressed air to remove the dirt lying deep within the foundation to see the original artwork and abrash behind it.
  4. Testing the colour fastness of the various dyes in the rug.
  5. Soaking the rug in a wash tank to loosen the dirt that has penetrated the weft and wrap.
  6. Applying wool shampoo and special herbal washing cleansers and massaging them into the rug. The fringes are treated separately to prevent damage.
  7. Repeating the above step numerous times and irrigating with fresh water each time.
  8. When the water from the final rinse is clear, the rug is clean.
  9. Removing the excess water out with a specially designed rug spin dryer, or by hand tools.
  10. Laying the rug flat under sunlight to dry. Natural air drying produces the best result and doesn’t damage the rug like artificial heat can.
  11. Brushing and combing the rug and grooming the fringes.
  12. A final inspection is conducted. If the rug is not cleaned to our standards, we do not hesitate to repeat any of the steps again.
Rug Cleaning Sydney

In many cases, our clients’ are not always aware of their rug’s value and are often pleasantly surprised when they are informed of the cost to clean or repair their rug compared to the rug’s value. We can also provide a written rug valuation for insurance purposes.

If you wish to have your rug hand washed by our team please get in touch or directly bring it to our showroom in Northbridge, or you can use our pickup and delivery system.

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- FAQ -

How often should I clean area rugs?

Rugs filter and trap dirt, gasses, dust mites, bacteria, mold, (mildew), viruses, dead skin cells, pet debris, and other pollutants between their crevices, then release them back into the air,” Mashhadi says. “And then there’s the obvious tracking of dirt from one’s feet.” Which is why regular maintenance is so important. Weekly vacuuming, more if it’s a heavy traffic area, should be a great place for most homeowners to start.

As for deep cleaning, there’s no need to clean rugs on a schedule. Instead, you should just clean the rugs when they are visibly dirty or have an odour. However, given that the UV rays from the sun help in the rug cleaning process, warm spring and summer months are a good time for a refresh. 

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