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Bijan has been surrounded by these “masterpieces of superb design, magnificent handwork, depth of colour and perfection of detail” all his life.

Since a tender age, Bijan has developed a true love of fine rugs.
As a collector, Bijan’s father would take him to the bazaars of Iran, where he spent much of his time.

A former petroleum engineer, since 1990 Bijan has turned his passion into a business with the help of his wife, Forogh, two sons, Amir and Ashkan.

Bijan and his family have two showrooms in Sydney stocking an extensive range of handmade and machine-made rugs.

“When you buy a handmade rug, you are not just choosing an object of great beauty to enhance your home or office, you are buying a part of a great tradition which stretches back before recorded time.”

Says Bijan Morshedizadeh, rug expert and owner of Bijan Exclusive Rugs.